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Following the idea about privacy and communication I did on Facebook, now I am taking this further and creating all-in-one blog. This will be home for most of my entries on social networks that do not belong to one particular blog or page I own.

And domain was too nice and free.

I hope to repost from:

  1. twitter@rolandinsh (lv), @rolandinshcom, @Umbrovskis (lv), @UmbrovskisCom;
  2. facebook@rolandinsh (lv), @rolandinshcom, @RolandsUmbrovskis.public (lv/en);
  3. instagramrolandinsh (lv/en);
  4. snapcaht – umbrovskis
  5. youtuberolandinsh (lv), RolandinshCom;
  6. … and other social media channels;
Rolands Umbrovskis. Vejle.

Rolands Umbrovskis. Vejle.

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