Foody (now FoodyCheck) mobile app & victory at Startup Slalom hackathon & 1 000 EUR prize

At TechHub Riga event I met old teammate Ronalds from previous Garage48 hackathons and he told about “Startup Slalom+ Startup Wise Guys Hackathon” and invited to join the event and maybe even be again on the same team. I said yes to the event. … and then our team of 8 got 1st place!

Will speak at WordPress Latvia meetup (August 2017) in Riga

The presentation about the experience of how to run an Entrepreneurial Freelance business without ads and portfolio. About fails and successes, sustainability and maintenance. I will speak about my journey from marketing project manager position to programmer and back to project management.

Good to be back in Latvia (Summer 2017)

Feels good to be back in Latvia! A few days ago celebrated Latvia midsummer solstice – Līgo / Jāņi in Gudenieki (Latvia). And that is also the milestone that my active Innovation and Entrepreneurship studies are over. Now only need to do an internship and done with Bachelor studies in Denmark!

The decision was wrong, but the direction is still right!

Thinking about start-ups: “The decision was wrong, but the direction is still right!”. About failures and success…

Waiting for 2017. New Year in Latvia!

In the end of the year 2016, I was in Latvia for few days. Just to celebrate New Year’s Eve. I already lost all hopes to come to Latvia during this time, but last minute offers are great!

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